Are you looking for something to do in Rochester on a Tuesday night? Please join us for these FREE Professional Speakers every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. During June, July, and August you can enjoy these presentations or performances outside on the Peace Plaza, and the rest of the year (or inclement weather) we head inside to University Square room 417, on 4th floor of the University of Minnesota Rochester (downtown Rochester, MN). Get directions here.

UMR CONNECTS is committed to supporting the University's overall mission of public engagement and outreach by fostering connections between the University, its students, and those who live in or visit our community. In support of this, UMR launched a weekly professional speaker series for the Rochester community and visitors in 2011, entitled "UMR CONNECTS," which has been attended by nearly 9,000 people! The University of Minnesota Rochester strives to sustain an open exchange of ideas in an environment that embodies the values of academic freedom, responsibility, integrity, and cooperation. Please check the Google Calendar for up-to-date cancellation or location-change information, and contact Nick Anderson at 507-258-8053 or with any other questions.

Following a specific theme each month, this weekly professional speaker series will connect you to speakers, authors, panels, etc. on a variety of engaging topics. No pre-registration is required, and we hope you will join us!

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 2014 Schedule of Events

(Schedule is subject to change. * Denotes tentative information: final details still to come)
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This page lists only UMR CONNECTS events. Please check the Event Calendar for other events taking place at the University of Minnesota Rochester.

September Reminder: Indoor Season Begins
(Events will be held indoors in room 417, 4th floor of University Square)

September ~ Spirituality and World Religion

September 2 ~ Can Spirituality Stop War?

It seems like an important question these days. Certainly, political process by now has proved over and over it's incapable of doing so. What option does mankind have left but to develop enlightened, practical spirituality? An evolution of human consciousness? At least why not give it a chance? This presenter will concretely define the basic root problem of all war and what specific kind of spiritual practice he believes is required to end war, with some of the answers rooted in various wisdom teachings including Buddhism, along with support from other traditions.
-- Doug McGill,

September 9 ~ What Makes a Great Preacher?

September 16 ~ [To Be Determind]

September 23 ~ Amish Religion, Traditions, and Culture

-- Drucilla Milne, Author

September 23 ~ Toleration and Intolerance of Other Religions in the Christian Bible

Toleration does not always characterize religion, though it is an important value in today's society. Moreover, the definition of tolerance has changed considerably over the last fifty years. After defining what tolerance ought to mean, this talk will discuss ways in which the Bible in both Old and New Testaments is both tolerant and intolerant of other religions. This will lead to reflections on toleration between religions today.
-- Joe M. Sprinkle, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament, Crossroads College

October ~ Bioethics

November ~ Terrorism

 December ~ Natural Disasters