Are you looking for something to do in Rochester on a Tuesday night? Please join us for these FREE Professional Speakers every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. During June, July, and August you can enjoy these presentations or performances outside on the Peace Plaza, and the rest of the year (or inclement weather) we head inside to University Square room 417, on 4th floor of the University of Minnesota Rochester (downtown Rochester, MN). Get directions here.

UMR CONNECTS is committed to supporting the University's overall mission of public engagement and outreach by fostering connections between the University, its students, and those who live in or visit our community. In support of this, UMR launched a weekly professional speaker series for the Rochester community and visitors in 2011, entitled "UMR CONNECTS," which just celebrated the 10,000 attendee milestone! The University of Minnesota Rochester strives to sustain an open exchange of ideas in an environment that embodies the values of academic freedom, responsibility, integrity, and cooperation. Please check the Google Calendar for up-to-date cancellation or location-change information, and contact Nick Anderson at 507-258-8053 or with any other questions.

Following a specific theme each month, this weekly professional speaker series will connect you to speakers, authors, panels, etc. on a variety of engaging topics. No pre-registration is required, and we hope you will join us!

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 2014 Schedule of Events

(Events will be held indoors in room 417, 4th floor of University Square)
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November ~ Overcoming Terrorism

November 18 ~ University of Minnesota Marching Band, at Rochester Civic Center

UMR CONNECTS takes a week off to promote one of the most exciting and highly visible organizations on the UMTC campus! The Minnesota Marching Band provides enthusiastic support to the University's athletic programs, and represents the University with pride, at home and away. See them online here. UMR CONNECTS invites you to hear the Pride of Minnesota perform a selection of halftime show favorites and rousing traditional music, as they celebrate a band tradition since 1962! Free tickets will be available at UMR CONNECTS events in October. NOTE: Doors open at 6:00 pm. Please arrive at the Civic Center by 6:30. You must be in your reserved seat BEFORE 6:45 pm, or it will be forfeited.

Free general admission tickets are also available at any Rochester area branches of Associated Bank, and you must pick up tickets in advance to guarantee admittance.

November 25 ~ Terrorism Recruitment Among Us: Protecting Minnesotans From Joining Radical Terrorist Groups

Mohamed Farah, Executive Director of Ka Joog

Over the past few years a striking number of Minnesotan men have been recruited to join radical terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab, the Al-Quaida militant group responsible for the 2013 Nairobi Mall shooting. Ka Joog, a nationally renown organization out of the Twin Cities, was founded with Somali youth in mind in order to allow opportunities for growth and education. Through arts and other cultural events, they are working to deter youth from jihadist ideology and instead embrace Somali culture. This presentation will discuss the motives behind men who have left to join Al-Shabaab and how Ka Joog's efforts are making a noticeable impact to put an end to this trend.

December ~ Natural Disasters

December 2 ~ Resilience through Arts and Narrative after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
Yuko Taniguchi, Author and CLI Faculty, UMR
This presentation will introduce the stories of the residents in Tohoku who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. In 2012, Taniguchi, an author and writing instructor at University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR), traveled to Tohoku to document the aftermath. Through a series of interviews she discovered, a common thread: the role of art. The attention that is required to focus on creating something out of nothing was a central healing tool for bringing people through the disasters and for bringing them together. Taniguchi will discuss how resilience and healing are connected to arts and narrative and community engagement. This presentation will include a short video that documents the UMR students' visit to Tohoku through a Global Seminar program led by Taniguchi in 2014. 
December 9 ~ Hurricane Katrina: Exacerbating a Natural Disaster through Unnatural Means
Shanna Altrichter, MA, ABD; CLI Faculty, UMR
Nine years have passed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. The hurricane was a natural disaster, wreaking over $100 billion in damage and taking the lives of more than 1,800 people. Yet the effects of this natural disaster were exacerbated by unnatural means. Structural inequalities that resulted in institutionalized racism, segregation, failure to prepare and strengthen levees, and an inadequate evacuation plan turned this natural disaster into an unmitigated one. Hindsight gives us the ability to look back and analyze how power and privilege shaped the effects of the hurricane, as well as the opportunity to consider how to apply the lessons we learned to our current hurricane preparedness.
December 16 ~ The Sea Wing Disaster: Tragedy on Lake Pepin
Fred Johnson, Author
The July 13, 1890, capsizing of the steamer Sea Wing and death of 98 of its passengers horrified Minnesota and the nation. Author Frederick L. Johnson’s book The Sea Wing Disaster: Tragedy on Lake Pepin captures the terror and desperation of the vessel’s 215 crew and passengers as the accident unfolded and the four days anguish that followed. Johnson’s presentation makes use of the research he carefully gathered—documents, letters, maps, interviews, newspapers, magazines—to inform listeners of exactly how and why the accident occurred. He also shares the remarkably complete and graphic photographic record developed at the accident scene. The many personal stories of victims and survivors, an important part of the book, provide greater understanding of the accident’s terrible human toll.
December 23 ~ ***NO EVENT*** Happy Holidays!
December 30 ~ ***NO EVENT*** Happy Holidays! 

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