Center for Learning Innovation

CLI Students in Class Executive Summary Organization

The Center for Learning Innovation (CLI) is a single academic unit where faculty from across disciplines deliver a synergistic academic program in the health sciences that prepares students for a wide variety of health careers, including health professions, graduate studies in health related programs, and careers in the bioscience industry. The CLI promotes a learner-centered, technology-enhanced, concept-driven, and community-integrated learning environment. Through ongoing assessment of student achievement, the CLI aspires to personalize learning, establish data-driven research on learning, and continuously improve curriculum.

BSHS Goals and Learning Objectives (PDF)

CLI Directorship

Robert Dunbar, Ph.D. (Chair)
Molly Dingel, Ph.D. (Chair-Elect)
Teresa Henderson Vazquez (Representative)
Michael Silveira, M.S. (Representative)