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iSEAL: intelligent System for Education, Assessment, and Learning


iSEAL is a unique curriculum management and learning analytics system developed by the University of Minnesota Rochester. iSEAL replaces traditional course management software with a system that delivers the entire curriculum allowing students to access all content at any time throughout their college career. The learning analytics component of iSEAL collects a large dataset of student interaction with the curriculum for research into student learning and future data mining.

At the core of iSEAL is the ability to share and reuse content across the curriculum. Teaching materials and assignments can be tagged with metadata to describe the topics covered. This metadata in turn is mapped onto the learning and development outcomes that are defined at the institutional level. As such, iSEAL is able to provide a direct and detailed link between each student's performance and their curricular experiences, creating the opportunity to develop personalized recommendations for future academic success. 


iSEAL began as a research initiative led by UMR Vice Chancellor Claudia Neuhauser and a team of University of Minnesota Computer Science and Engineering graduate students. Utilizing the framework developed by these graduate students, a team of UMR based web developers have built and implemented iSEAL, in consultation with UMR CLI faculty and Vice Chancellor Neuhauser. Version 1.0 was released in Fall 2010, and the features of iSEAL continue to improve and evolve under the direction of the CLI faculty.

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