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Need to Know...

What you need to register

Make sure you are prepared to register. Check in with your Success Coach or adviser to review the courses you need to take to stay on track. When you register,remember to have your health insurance card handy. Degree-seeking students enrolled for 6 or more credits are required to provide proof of health insurance.

Resolve registration holds

Holds preventing registration may be placed on your student account for a variety of reasons. Authorizing departments will usually notify you of any holds, but you can check your hold information online anytime.

Summer / fall registration

All University students are assigned a registration time each semester to ensure fair access to classes. Your registration queue time indicates when you can begin to register. You do not need to register exactly at your assigned time. You can register at, or anytime after, your assigned time. Additional information can be found on One Stop under Registration times.

Estimated financial awards

If you are an incoming freshmen for fall 2014, One Stop will begin sending out estimated financial aid award notices to your home mailing address starting April 1.

Repeating a course

Current University policy (section F.6) states that students may repeat a course only one time (excluding course withdrawals). If you were considering taking a course for a third time in fall 2014, meet with your Success Coach or adviser to explore other options.