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Costs and Tuition

By registering for classes, you are entering into a legally-binding contract with the University to pay all tuition and fees, including any non-refundable fees.

The standard Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets are prepared by the University for calculating financial aid awards, as required by federal regulations.

Comprehensive tuition and fee information can be found on the Cost Sheet.

To better understand how expense categories and standards are determined, go to About cost estimates.  


Cost of Attendance - Academic Year 2014-15

Enrollment: Undergraduate

Expense categoryYearly amountSemester Breakdown
Loan Fee$174$87

These figures apply to students who have reciprocity as residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, or Manitoba, Canada.

The Cost Sheet will give you a breakdown of tuition, fees, and housing per semester for 2014 - 2015.


Net Price Calculator

The University of Minnesota's Net Cost Calculator is useful for prospective future freshman. (Note: University of Minnesota Rochester students can use this calculator as an estimator of costs. Questions can be referred to One Stop at (507) 258-8069.

2014-2015 Student Services Fee

All students enrolled for 6 or more credits must pay a $168.00 per-semester student services fee in addition to tuition.

Courses that carry no degree credit and all courses in which you enroll as an auditor count in the determination of the credit total for the student services fee on a one class hour = one credit basis. Non-degree seeking students do not need to pay the student services fee. Students in a certificate academic plan or in specialized/evening/part-time academic plans may also be exempt (check with your program office for more information). Students meeting the above exemption criteria may elect to pay the fee if they wish to use or support the services covered by the fee. Regents Scholarship recipients, as well as students enrolled in the Senior Citizen Education program, are also exempt from this fee and may not elect to pay the fee. The fee is distributed among the following programs:

Fitness Center$90.00Agreement w/ Rochester Area Family Y to provide membership
Mental and Physical Wellness$45.00Contractual services for health promotion, mental health, etc.
Rochester Student Association$20.00Student government
Study Abroad/Learning Abroad$2.50Materials and services for learning abroad opportunities
Academic Support$10.50Writing Center resources materials and staff support


2014-15 University of Minnesota Rochester Campus Fee

Students enrolled in 6 or more credits pay a $150 fee. Students enrolled in less than 6 credits pay a $75 fee.

The Rochester Campus Fee covers student wireless access throughout campus buildings, printing access to Information Commons, classroom technology, ITV access for distance learning, Student Activities, Orientation and Welcome Week activities.

2014-15 Laptop Program Fee

Students enrolled in 6 or more credits pay a $350 fee. Students enrolled in less than 6 credits pay a $75 fee.
See UMR Laptop program for additional information.