COVID-19 Dashboard

Numbers updated every Friday*

Rochester COVID-19 Positive Test Results

While UMR does not administer tests directly on campus, Olmsted County Public Health provides University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) with weekly data for the 18-24 year old age category. Regularly-updated COVID-19 information is available on this COVID-19 Daily and Weekly Report.

The University of Minnesota Rochester works closely with Olmsted County Public Health. It is important to note that not all individuals who have an association with the University of Minnesota Rochester may have disclosed their affiliation.

Rochester Students in Quarantine and Isolation in Student Housing 

This dashboard shows the number of University of Minnesota Rochester students living in student housing utilizing campus quarantine and isolation spaces. 

The University of Minnesota Rochester has space in their residential apartment facilities for quarantine and isolation. The COVID Response Team works with students to review their isolation and quarantine needs and to support adherence to public health precautions. Students in University housing are offered dedicated isolation and quarantine spaces as part of their housing contracts.

Number of students in quarantine in student housing


Number of students in isolation in student housing 



  • If UMR exceeds the quarantine and isolation capacity in student housing, Olmsted County Public Health will provide additional space. 
  • UMR’s apartment style student housing allows students to quarantine and isolate in their own room. Students still have the option to use available dedicated isolation and quarantine space. 
  • All dashboards and numbers are updated every Friday


Quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from others. Quarantine helps prevent spread of disease that can occur before a person knows they are sick or if they are infected with the virus without feeling symptoms. 

Isolation is used to separate people infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from people who are not infected.