Laptop Requirements

Laptop Recommendations

Annually, UMR IT will update minimum computer specifications for laptop computers new students bring to campus. UMR IT will also work with the bookstore to stock a recommended computer that exceeds these minimum recommendations. UMR IT will help students with support issues related to their computers that meet the minimum recommendation. Students that buy the recommended computer stocked by the bookstore will receive a higher level of service enabled by having that specific model and our existing vendor relationships.

Programs That Require a Laptop

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program (BSHS) and respiratory care and radiography tracks in the health professions (BSHP) programs are required to have a laptop that meets the minimum computer specifications. Lack of an acceptable device will impact participation in class activities and ability to complete coursework.

Support Expectations

Students that purchase the recommended laptop via the bookstore will receive the highest level of support. Our goal for all students is to provide the best help we can based on the device they have. Sometimes that will mean referring issues to outside repair or recommending a device is updated to meet the minimum standard.

A matrix outlining support expectations is available here.

Current Minimum Recommendation

PC: Windows 10
Mac: MacOS Sierra (2016) or newer*

8GB of Ram
256 GB Hard Drive
Intel Core i5 - 6th Gen or newer processor (6XXX or higher model)
Current WIFI capability (N or AC)

Non-Standard Systems

PC OS’s prior to Windows 10
MacOS prior to Sierra*
Linux systems
Tablets (iOS,Android)

*note Logger Pro software is not currently available for Mac. For details, see FAQ number 6, below.

Details of Current recommend model stocked by bookstore

New models will be announced in late winter 2019 and available spring 2019. If you are interested in the Lenovo T480 model currently in use be new students for the 2018-2019 school year, please speak with UMR IT. We may be able to sell you one before the new models are available.


Look below for frequently asked questions, or email support at or stop by University Square room 394.


1. Why is the previous leased laptop program changing?

Technical needs have evolved since the laptop program was started a decade ago. UMR’s laptop program is no longer good value for students or the campus. Now is the time to end the lease program to enable students to have more choice and to reduce costs to students and UMR.

2. I am currently using one of the leased laptop program computers, how does this affect me?

Students with LenovoT480 models

  • Students continue to use and pay leased laptop fees through Spring semester 2020.
  • At the end of Spring Semester 2020, students keep the computer, whether graduating or not.

Students with Lenovo T470 models

  • Students continue to use and pay leased fees through Spring Semester 2019.
  • At the end of Spring semester 2019, students keep the computer, whether graduating or not.
  • Students who prefer to update their laptop after Spring semester 2019 may purchase a new computer that meets the recommended standards.

3. I have a T480. Can I return it and purchase another laptop I prefer and not pay the fee next year?

No, T480 laptops have already been leased for the duration of two years. The laptop fee is charged over two years to cover the cost of the laptop from Lenovo.

4. I have a T470 and was expecting to get a new computer next year, will I?

Following Spring semester 2019, students may purchase a new laptop with the recommended standards or continue to use the T470. This change does not prevent students from purchasing a new laptop; it provides students the option to continue using T470’s for the full useful life of the laptop, or upgrading if they so desire.

5. How will this affect my financial aid? Is there help to afford a laptop?

Financial impact to students was a key factor in this plan. The current program is not a good value because students are paying for a laptop every two years and not using it for its full useful life. For some students there is a financial aid (FA) advantage that will be lost because the laptop fee will no longer be considered in the cost of attendance. Students can use the FA appeal process to request their FA award be increased to cover the cost of purchasing a laptop with the recommended standards.

6. Can I purchase a Mac laptop?

Currently one title of software used in coursework does not have a version compatible with Mac computers. Logger Pro will need to be used on a PC in these classes. Mac users may need to share a PC with a classmate, use parallels or bootcamp on the Mac, or find another solution. UMR IT can offer help, but does not support windows operating systems installations on Mac computers; it technically works but there are many challenges and variations.

Personal Laptop Support
For students not participating in the laptop program, UMR offers limited software troubleshooting at no cost. Hardware support for non-University owned assets is not available.

Some of the services available are:

  • Symantec AntiVirus installation assistance and virus removal consultation

  • Wireless network connection problem troubleshooting

  • E-mail client configuration

  • Internet password changes in tandem with the TC campus

  • Driver updates (particularly network driver adapters)

  • WebVista, Moodle, and myU problem troubleshooting

  • Vendor equipment demonstrations, presentations, and consultations