Significant Scholarship Dollars Still Available for Fall 2022 NXT GEN MED Students

Authored By: vcarroll 07/06/2022

The University of Minnesota Rochester is proud to announce significant scholarship dollars are still available for NXT GEN MED students for fall 2022. UMR’s NXT GEN MED program will offer up to $42,000 in scholarship support per student ($6,000 per term) for the fall 2022 trailblazing first cohort of NXT GEN MED. The University of Minnesota is supporting these students to help Minnesota meet critical workforce needs in the healthcare industry. 

Applications for a limited number of spots will be accepted through August 1, 2022.

NXT GEN MED is designed to be a 2.5 year, year-round program that positions graduates to enter the workforce sooner with a career-launching job in the health care industry, allowing them to make a difference and make a living.

Beyond significant scholarship dollars, NXT GEN MED students will receive the following benefits:

  • A paid Mayo Clinic internship.
  • A Mayo Clinic mentor.
  • Real world experience.
  • A Student Success Coach.
  • Research experiences.
  • A cutting edge technology platform powered by Google Cloud. 
  • A University of Minnesota Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences.

“We're looking for trailblazers - young people who have made it through the pandemic and are ready to get on with their lives and careers,” says Chancellor Lori Carrell. “This college degree will open doors to many fascinating (and in demand) healthcare careers outside the classic patient care roles. The world of health is changing and so is the way we do college! If you want to move forward faster by doing college differently, then I invite you to explore this creative, affordable approach to college and career.”

Now is the time to get a head start on your career! NXT GEN MED is a limited access program with a few spots remaining for the fall 2022 cohort. To qualify for NXT GEN MED scholarships, apply today to the BSHS program using the Common App or the Raptor App and complete the NXT GEN MED Supplemental Application.