Parking & Transportation

Lanier Parking System phone: 507-282-4545

For up-to-date parking rates, please review the Rochester Downtown Parking websiteRefer to this map (PDF) for parking locations.

Information for full-time day students can be found under Student Life.

Part-Time, Evening and Weekend Parking

Evening and weekend students and visitors are encouraged to use the First Street Ramp (by the Doubletree Hotel) as it is the most likely to have available spaces and the security escort team will be most efficient if people are located in the same ramp.

First-hour free parking is provided at the following parking ramps:

  • Center Street
  • Civic Center
  • First Street
  • Second Street

Free parking is also provided at all meters and municipal parking ramps evenings after 5:01 p.m.; and on weekends from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. for meters, and 6 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. in the parking ramps. Ramp parking is charged by 30-minute increments, beginning with 1 minute to ninety minutes over the first free hour of parking (the charge for this time is $1.50). 

Example of Charges

You enter the ramp at 3:45 p.m. for a class that ends at 8:00 p.m.  Your parking is free from 5:01 p.m. until you leave the ramp at 8:15 p.m.  Your parking is free from 4:01 p.m. to 5:01 p.m. because first hour is free.  Your parking from 3:45 p.m. until 4:01 p.m. is charged to you upon leaving the ramp - cost is $1.50 because it falls into the first period of time charge. 

Other Parking Information

  • First-hour free parking is provided at the following parking ramps: Center Street, Civic Center, First Street, and Second Street.

  • Overnight parking (past 2:30 a.m.) in the parking ramps will incur an overnight charge: $13.50 at all municipal ramps. Parking at meters is prohibited between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.  

  • Disabled parking: Any daytime/monthly parking lease student needing special parking access due to a disability should contact the Director of Health and Wellness.

  • Parking validation may be offered for prospective students and/or their parents and other guests of the University.

  • Bike racks are available in parking ramps, generally near the cashier booth and on the west side of the ramp (near Michael’s) in the Center Street Ramp. Bike racks are also available on the Peace Plaza outside of University Square.

Bus Information

Rochester Public Transit (RPT) serves the city of Rochester. RPT bus passes are available for purchase at UMR for UMR students only. 120-day passes are available for purchase ($80) from One Stop in the Admissions/One Stop Suite on the 3rd floor of University Square. Students may pay via check, cash, or have the amount charged to their student account. Non-students should visit one of the RPT locations to purchase a bus pass.

Rochester City Lines, a private business, also operates several commuter bus routes Monday through Friday. This service is open to the public. The commuter routes bring passengers into Rochester in the morning and return in the afternoon. For more information on commuter options, visit the Rochester City Lines website.


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