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UMR Alumni Mentorship Program

The program aims to build meaningful and lasting relationships with alumni that extend beyond University Square.

A collaboration between UMR Alumni Relations and Career Development, the Alumni Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for Raptor alumni to connect with current UMR students.


The UMR Alumni Mentorship program connects Raptor alumni with current students who share the same areas of professional and academic interest. By virtue of their rich experiences and expertise in the field, mentors provide insight into career paths, choosing the right graduate program, and learning how to develop and expand professional networks. 

Program Calendar

The Alumni Mentorship Program runs one academic calendar year beginning in the fall. Mentor and mentees will meet in-person (or virtually) for an orientation at UMR, then again in the spring for a May year-end celebration. Key dates are:

  • June – Alumni Registration Opens 
  • July – Review of alumni profiles and applications 
  • August – Pairing of Raptor mentors and mentees
  • September – Program orientation and kickoff event 
  • December - Mid-program check in
  • May - Program Completion Celebration 


Alumni Mentors: UMR alumni interested in providing mentorship. As an alumni mentor, you will have the opportunity to advise current Raptors on academic guidance, career advice, and professional development. 

Student Mentees: UMR students in their second, third, or fourth year who have expressed interest in being mentored. Raptor mentees will have access to a robust network of UMR alumni who are eager to share their wisdom and advice about life beyond UMR.

How to Participate

Mentors and mentees are paired together by professional interest, career pathway, degree program, or geographic and cultural background. 

  • Step 1 – Complete the UMR Mentorship Program application
  • Step 2 – Schedule a conversation with UMR Director of Alumni Relations 
  • Step 3 – Mentor/Mentee pairing 
  • Step 4 – Attend program orientation and kickoff meeting

  • Step 1 – Complete UMR Mentorship Program application [for students]
  • Step 2 – Mentor/Mentee pairing 
  • Step 3 – Attend program orientation and kickoff meeting