UMR Freshmen Embrace Healthy Living

April 17, 2017

(Post Bulletin) -- One of Maura Lynch's first tasks as a University of Minnesota Rochester student may sound a little silly, but it's helped usher in a health-focused era on campus.

Lynch, a Filipino adoptee raised in Philadelphia, raced through grocery store aisles last fall to gather ingredients for a healthy meal that would be her welcome to 29 classmates in UMR's new Health CORE program. Those 30 dishes were then passed around as introductions — and friendships — were made.

The creative ice-breaker organized by Robert Reese, UMR's Health CORE coordinator, immediately broke down barriers as underrepresented students familiarized themselves with the new "living learning communities" in downtown Rochester.

Lynch, Reese and others then took it one step further.

Meiping Liu, of Rochester Clinic, put 10 UMR students — plus Reese — through her 12-week Complete Health Improvement Program, called CHIP. The program wrapped up last week, just in time to meet CHIP founder Hans Diehl at the Community of Wellness Health Fair, which runs through April 26 at various locations across Rochester.


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