Chancellor Reflects on Time at UMR

May 31, 2017

(ABC 6 News) -- After 10 years at the University of Minnesota Rochester, the school's first and only chancellor is retiring.

Stephen Lehmkuhle made the announcement recently but he says his legacy will continue.

"I really believe that the best is yet to come," said Lehmkuhle.

Lehmkuhle was brought to the school ten years ago by the university system.

"The city was third largest city in the state, had a lot of workforce and educational needs and it was under-sourced in terms of having higher education opportunities for its workforce, potential workforce and particularly having Mayo Clinic," added Lehmkuhle.

So he brainstormed and came up with the idea for the school to focus on healthcare and student learning and the school has taken off ever since.

"We've been able to attract just extremely talented and passionate students because we can embed them in the city for health. No other place can create those opportunities like we can,” said Lehmkuhle.


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