The University of Minnesota Rochester Installs Dr. Lori J. Carrell as Second Chancellor

September 21, 2018

Chancellor Carrell Inauguration

Dr. Lori J. Carrell was inaugurated as the University of Minnesota Rochester’s second chancellor on Friday, September 21 in a ceremony highlighting the power of relationships and research to drive student success in preparation to lead tomorrow’s innovations in health care.

Dr. Carrell was appointed as UMR’s second chancellor in February 2018. Prior to being named Chancellor, Dr. Carrell was Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Development.

The inauguration ceremony, emceed by UMR alumna Nitya Chandiramani, class of 2017, began with an introduction of the stage party and esteemed delegates, followed by several remarks and performances before Eric W. Kaler, President of the University of Minnesota, installed Dr. Lori J. Carell as the Chancellor and presented her with a medallion. Before presenting the medallion, President Kaler remarked, “The University of Minnesota Rochester is a very special place. UMR drives partnerships for tomorrow's health innovation through distinctive collaborations with world-renowned medical organizations in the community. And Lori Carrell is very well-equipped to meet these challenges and opportunities head-on.”

The overarching theme of the inauguration emphasized the importance of relationships in learning. Each presenter that provided remarks during the ceremony has had an influential relationship with the Chancellor, guiding her learning throughout her professional and personal life.

Chancellor Carrell Inauguration medallion

Chancellor Carrell reflected on how far UMR has come since it first opened its doors in 2006, highlighting the diverse student body, the creation of an innovative degree with more than 90 percent of graduates finishing in four years or fewer, faculty collectively researching innovation in learning and a strong sense of belonging among students through cohorts and covenant communities. In her inaugural address, Chancellor Carrell highlighted how the relationships that exist at UMR ensure its success and the success of its students, saying, “Let’s ground ourselves in awareness: the actions and choices of others make our paths possible. That’s true for each of us, including me. I am the cumulative product of my interaction with so many.”

Speaking about UMR’s future, Chancellor Carrell envisions, “a diverse campus community, engaged in civil discourse. There is equity, no gaps. We’ve sustained this astonishing early result and linked arms with others along the way.” She also recognized how UMR faculty make significant contributions to learning, and how inspirational UMR alumni are continuing to make a difference in Minnesota and across the globe. UMR is thriving in Rochester and beyond through student successes, innovative faculty, relationships within the community and global partnerships.

Chancellor Carrell Inauguration

Affirming her strong belief that UMR will be successful because of the collective work of those who champion its success, Chancellor Carrell ended her inaugural address saying, “As UMR journeys on, relationships and research will continue to drive today’s student success for tomorrow’s health innovation. May we remember the Brave and Startling Truth affirmed by Maya Angelou: that indeed, when we come to it, together – we are the possible.”

The inauguration was held at the Dr. Charles H. Mayo Presentation Hall at the Mayo Civic Center. The event was attended by representatives and campus leaders from higher education institutes around the country, faculty, staff and students from UMR, and representatives from government, business and the Rochester community, as well as family and friends.

The ceremony also included components from UMR student groups including a dance by the UMR Hmong Student Dance Team, the national anthem sung by the UMR Keytones, a combined performance by the UMR Keytones and the Rochester Choral Arts Ensemble, as well as a spoken word performance.

Additional speakers included:

  • Kent E. Menzel, Professor of Communication at DePauw University
  • Susan McFadden, Professor Emerita of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Franca Barricelli, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Fitchburg State University 
  • The Honorable Kendall J. Powell, Vice Chair of the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents.