Dr. Xavier Prat-Resina Receives Tenure

September 12, 2018


Learning and research have always been of great interest to Xavier Prat-Resina, PhD. His love for learning developed at a young age, was strengthened throughout his life and transformed into a love for research. After earning his PhD in Spain, he came to the U.S. for post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Prat-Resina continued his research at the Barcelona Research Biomedical Park back in Spain.

He reached a point of contention after completing his studies when doing research alone was not enough for him. Through some reflection, he discovered that fulfillment came through a combination of doing research and teaching and set out on a path to learn what he could do as a professor to improve student learning.

Prat-Resina feels he was lucky to have found the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR). Being a professor in the Center for Learning Innovation allows him to not only nurture his passion for teaching, but also participate in research that enriches the curriculum and helps his students learn better.

As a professor in UMR’s Center for Learning Innovation, Prat-Resina teaches chemistry, but his passion for the subject goes beyond his job. He sees chemistry everywhere -- in books, people, ancient history, daily news, on earth and in space, and he wants to help others see this as well. He desires to teach his students how to learn and question what they learn. Prat-Resina says:

“I enjoy being around students, I also enjoy seeing their evolution as they progress through the years. I am honored to be a part of the team that helps the students become not only better scientists and health professionals, but better citizens.”

“Dr. Prat-Resina is a collaborative, creative, curious, educator-scholar who exemplifies UMR’s values,” says Dr. Lori Carrell, UMR’s Chancellor. “Students praise his teaching, even as he challenges them with high expectations.”

Prat-Resina stated, “When students graduate from UMR, I hope that they are able to think back on their time here as a rich and positive experience that contributed to their growth. Their memory may evolve and they may not retain everything, but I hope something remains -- a skill, an attitude -- that makes them better human beings.”

Since arriving at UMR in 2010, Prat-Resina has been working towards achieving tenure and acknowledges the deep gratitude he has for achieving this milestone in his life. “Achieving tenure is a confirmation that UMR trusts me. And I take that trust seriously,” says Prat-Resina. 

Outside of the classroom, Prat-Resina enjoys running, drinking coffee and spending time with his family.