Campus Vision

Vision. The University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) will inspire transformation in higher education through innovations that empower our graduates to solve the grand health challenges of the 21st century.

Unique Excellence. Our riveted focus on undergraduate education has generated innovations that are significantly enhancing student learning and development. We are committed to sustaining and optimizing these six established arenas of distinctiveness.

  • Customized undergraduate health education
  • Individualized care, attention, and guidance
  • Connected curricular experiences
  • Collaborative culture
  • Learner-centered core shaped by ongoing learning research
  • Community immersion and engagement

Grounding Values. UMR's values, as developed by the entire UMR community, are embedded in our Vision and emanate from our collective belief in the transformative power of higher education, a belief evident in the ambitious work of our Rochester founders.

  • Respect. We value habits of interaction that demonstrate the worth and dignity of each person.
  • Human Potential. We value every person’s capacity to learn, develop, imagine, create, and contribute.
  • Community. We value collective work and a culture of trust that promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and partnerships while creating belonging, accountability, and courageous action.
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness. We value the range of human differences and the active pursuit and involvement of varied perspectives.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making. We value strategic collection and careful assessment of data to inform our choices in all matters, including student learning and development.

Centering Aspirations.

  • Devote our expertise and energy to student learning and development, choosing habits that enable us to thrive as a healthy, high-integrity community characterized by our Values.
  • Generate transformative contributions to the renewal of higher education, providing a collaborative environment of inquiry that allows innovative thought-leadership in teaching and learning; educational research; public engagement; organizational efficiency; and community integration.
  • Enhance the diversity of the health care workforce, through intentional inclusivity emanating from our core commitment to respectful human relationships and permeating our habits of interaction in recruitment, teaching and learning, and the ongoing life of our UMR community.
  • Optimize the established arenas of distinctiveness, assessing results to provide ongoing evidence for decision-making and mindfully aligning emerging innovations with these established strengths.
  • Sustain UMR as an innovative, educational enterprise, through increased enrollment of passionate, resilient students commensurate with the goals established in our Enrollment Management plan as well as increased strategic generation of mission-driven resources.
  • Contribute significantly to the continued development of the Rochester community, through intentional partnerships and initiatives.

A downloadable version of the Vision, Values and Strategic Framework can be found here.

Former UMR Chancellor, Chancellor Lehmkuhle, can be seen presenting on Strategic Planning for the UMR Campus below.