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Research in Chemistry LabEnriched by the Rochester region’s internationally-renowned biomedical and technology enterprises, UMR's educational programs provide world-class instruction in a vibrant and friendly urban setting. Novel delivery systems, collaborations, and experience-based learning create an intellectual environment second to none.

This environment stimulates the research conducted by faculty in UMR's Center for Learning Innovation (CLI, our unique cross-disciplinary academic department). The CLI develops and tests novel learner-centered, technology-enhanced, competency-based, and community-integrated approaches to undergraduate pedagogy in the living laboratory setting offered by UMR's B.S. in Health Sciences program.

Use the links to the right to learn more about our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the learning and research faculty and students are conducting in our collaborative Center for Learning Innovation, and our community education efforts including UMR Connects. In addition, you can get detailed information about system-wide programs by exploring the university catalogs.