Collaborative Leadership Fellows (CLF) Program

“The future vitality of our community will be increasingly dependent on the quality of relationships that exists among our citizens. CLF provides a uniquely safe and energizing experience that will allow you to better understand yourself, your community, the perspectives of others from different community sectors, and the ways in which you can serve as a catalyst for community engagement and social change for the greater good.” -- Jenny Hegland, Participant, 2008 CLF Cohort

This is a unique, community-based leadership development program focused on a specific collaborative skill set, multi-sector networking, and learning applied to complex community issues.

CLF was founded in 2007 by the Family Action Collaborative (FACES) in Olmsted County. The Program was designed for the Olmsted County community by key stakeholders from local government, the funding community, higher education, K-12, business, and non-profit organizations.

CLF Goals

  • Strengthen community capacity for collaborative leadership, and
  • Ensure succession of community leadership invested in multi-sector solutions to complex community issues.

CLF Outcomes

  • Understand complex community issues and collaborative solutions.
  • Develop working relationships based on trust and respect
  • Build and enhance networks in multiple sectors of the community. 

Six Practices of Collaborative Leaders

  • Assessing the Environment
  • Creating Clarity
  • Building Trust and Safety
  • Sharing Power and Influence
  • Developing People
  • Self-Reflection 

Four Stages of Collaboration

Stage 1: Envision Results by Working Individual-to-Individual

Stage 2: Empower Ourselves by Working Individual-to-Organization

Stage 3: Ensure Success by Working Organization-to-Organization

Stage 4: Endow Continuity by Working Collaboration-to-Community

Collaborative Leadership Fellows