Marquis Taylor

Student Success Coach

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Phone: 507-258-8065
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Education: B.A in English; Wayne State University (Detroit, MI). M.A. in Higher Education Student Affairs; Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti,MI)

Hometown: Detroit, MI (Go Pistons, Lions, Tigers and Wings!)

Words that describe UMR: Limitless opportunities

Advice to college students: Do not be afraid to embrace and accept challenges that you and others may deem impossible. You are your biggest advocate so never be afraid to share your voice even if others find it to be unpopular.

Favorite random fact about UMR: It's still difficult for me to picture that this institution was once a movie theater!

When I’m not at UMR, you can find me: At Broadway Pizza watching the Lions pounce on the Vikings!

Favorite quote: "Without struggle there is no progress." - Frederick Douglass

What brought me to UMR: It certainly wasn't the frigid temperatures that exist in Minnesota (Brrrrr!). Instead it was my passion for helping students to pursue their educational and personal goals.