Teresa Henderson Vazquez Bio Photo

Teresa A. Henderson Vazquez, M.A.

Senior Teaching Specialist, CLI
+1 507 258 8232
(507) 258-8066


M.A., Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Iowa, 2004
B.A., Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Iowa, 1996

"Teaching and learning are acts of optimism and social justice. My primary goal is to facilitate students’ exploration of their own agency in a diverse and interconnected world."


Teresa Henderson Vázquez originally intended to be an English professor, but could not resist the pull of Hispanic languages and cultures. She went to Spain for a month and stayed for a year, studying Spanish, Basque, and the dangerous art of dancing with sticks. She returned, completed a Spanish Honors B.A., and continued on to graduate studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. She returned to her home state of Iowa to complete her degree and learn to Latin dance. During this time she lived in Paraguay for a month to study Guaraní and a month and a half in Argentina to shuffle papers. She holds a M.A. in Hispanic Literature from the University of Iowa and is a Latin Americanist. Before joining UMR she taught for six years at Indiana University East, where she was honored with the Helen Lees Award for Excellence in Teaching and was an Indiana Campus Compact Faculty Fellow.  Henderson Vázquez was a member of the 2015 Collaborative Leadership Fellows cohort and has since returned to help out. Also in 2016, she became certified in the Intercultural Development Inventory. She travels frequently to Mexico and to other Spanish-speaking countries whenever possible.


Henderson Vázquez develops and teaches the health-sciences focused Spanish language courses. She is a member of the highly collaborative and interdisciplinary team for UMR’s unique Community Collaboratory course, which has been honored by UMR with the 2014 Presidents’ Civic Engagement Steward Award. Her goal in any course is to foster an environment in which students challenge themselves, each other, and the pedagogy, and intentionally develop their own professional and personal toolbox to better pursue their goals. She most values diversity of experience, collaborative thinking, and community engagement in her professional and personal lives and seeks to support the same in her students. Courses at her previous institution have included Elementary through Intermediate Spanish, “Colonial Spanish America”, “Fair Trade vs Free Trade: the effects of globalization on Central American communities”, “Hispanic Women”, “The Hispanic World”, and “20th Century Spanish Literature”.