Yuko Taniguchi, M.F.A.

Senior Teaching Specialist, CLI
+1 507 258 8026
(507) 258-8066


M.F.A., Creative Writing, University of Minnesota, 2001
B.A. English, The College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, 1998

I am constantly seeking and exploring new and creative ways to establish a respectful and tolerant learning environment for students.


As an educator of language and writing, my experience includes teaching literature and creative writing for undergraduates and graduates at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Rochester Community and Technical College and Hamline University. The integrated curriculums at the BSHS program at the UMR include many writing projects. I teach Writing Studio course and direct the Writing Center to assist students with writing needs. My focus is to help students become more proficient in all writing forms required in their coursework here and in future on-the-job requirements.


My approach to teaching writing has always been open, enthusiastic, and innovative. I am constantly seeking and exploring new and creative ways to establish a respectful and tolerant learning environment for students. I design a variety of assignments and activities that not only require students to understand materials both critically and divergently, and also inspire them to appreciate new subjects and writing styles. I have incorporated various disciplines such as medicine, science, visual art, music, dance, and film into my course work. The exploration of multiple disciplines helps students to identify the connection between writing and the world in which they live and realize the role of writing as a powerful form of communication. My teaching emphasizes how growth in writing requires our curiosity, attention, observation, and thinking.


I am interested in how creative writing is used by medical specialists, patients and caregivers to capture medical experience. Currently, I am involved in the Creative Renewal Series, co-sponsored by the Center for Humanities in Medicine and Cancer Education Center at Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota. I conduct creative writing workshops for the staff, medical specialists, patients, and their families. Through this program, I witness first-hand the importance of language and its power to express, communicate, and heal. I continue to study the role of narrative in the medical world, through literary and philosophical analysis on medical narrative.

I am also completing a second collection of poetry, Dancing with an American, and a novel, A Widow’s Tango.


Taniguchi, Yuko. Foreign Wife Elegy. Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2004.

Taniguchi, Yuko. The Ocean in the Closet. Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2007.