Community Programs

University of Minnesota Talented Youth in Mathematics Program in Rochester

UMTYMP (pronounced "umm-tee-ump") is an accelerated mathematics option for students who are highly gifted in mathematics. This program is a branch of the larger UMTYMP program conducted on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus by the Math Center for Educational Programs

Contact Information

Jered Bright
Mathematics Faculty at UMR and UMTYMP Rochester Liaison
Phone: 507-258-8105

Collaborative Leadership Fellows (CLF) Program

This is a unique, community-based leadership development program focused on a specific collaborative skill set, multi-sector networking, and learning applied to complex community issues. The Program was designed for the Olmsted County community by key stakeholders from local government, the funding community, higher education, K-12, business, and non-profit organizations.

Contact Information

Jay Hesley
University of Minnesota Rochester
Phone: 507-258-8061
Fax: 507-258-8066