University of Minnesota's Talented Youth in Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) in Rochester

UMTYMP Algebra I

What is it?

UMTYMP (pronounced "umm-tee-ump") is an accelerated mathematics option for students who are highly gifted in mathematics.   The experience students will have in the program is unique: class sizes are small, the scope of the curriculum allows students to cultivate both a rich depth and breadth of mathematics, the length of the program is shorter than comparable programs, and successful students will be granted honors level college credit for the courses taken in UMTYMP in the last three years of the program.  This program is a branch of the larger UMTYMP program conducted on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus by the Math Center for Educational Programs.  For more detailed information on the program, visit the Math Center for Educational Program's website on UMTYMP.

Students in the program will meet once per week on the University of Minnesota Rochester campus for two hours in the late afternoon/evening for class led by exceptional teachers. During the class period, students will be guided through mathematics by the teacher as well as the students' peers through active participation.  After class ends, students will be expected to complete a variety of online and paper based homework, which together total an average of about 9 hours time, for the next week.  There are also several support structures available for students who need assistance with the subject matter.  While enrolled in UMTYMP, students should not be enrolled in a math course at their home school, but instead be given a free period in which to work on their UMTYMP homework.

Why should students participate in UMTYMP?

The short answer is because they love mathematics!  Students in the program will encounter challenging problems each week and will be asked to work diligently to solve them.  The program has two components: high school level  and college level.  In the high school level, students will complete the traditional four year high school mathematics sequence in two years (Algebra I and II in Year 1; Geometry and Math Analysis/Precalculus in Year 2).  During the college level, students may enroll in Calculus 1 through Calculus 3 and even take an Advanced Topics class (equivalent to an upper level undergraduate mathematics course) in their final year of the program.

UMTYMP Students 2016

Who can participate?

Only students who are admitted into the program may participate in UMTYMP.  Students are typically admitted into the program at one of two times.  The most common entry point is at the high school level.  To enter at this point, students who are currently in grades 5-7 must submit an application and test for admission in early Spring preceding the year they wish to enter the program.  A second entry point is at the calculus level, which is open to students who are currently in grades 7-9.  The application process for the second entry point mirrors the first.  For more information about applying as well as application forms for the Rochester site, please visit the UMTYMP Admission page.  If a student wishes to join UMTYMP outside of these two common entry points, please contact Jered Bright (see below) to discuss the situation further.

For more information, please visit or contact Jered Bright, Mathematics Faculty at UMR and UMTYMP Rochester Liaison, by e-mail at or by calling (507) 258-8105.