Campus Communications

March 18: #ProtecttheNest: Spring Break and Testing Events

February 14: #ProtectTheNest: Maroon and GoldSunrise Plan2.0 Step 3

January 29: #ProtectTheNest: Maroon and Gold Sunrise Plan 2.0 Step 2

January 21: #ProtectTheNest: Asymptomatic Testing Event - Friday and Saturday

January 15: #ProtectTheNest: Spring Semester Update

January 2: #ProtectTheNest: Additional testing information

December 23: #ProtectTheNest: Onward to 2020 - Congrats & Testing Info

December 3: #ProtectTheNest: Update from the Chancellor

November 9: #ProtectTheNest: Thanksgiving and return to remote learning 

November 3: #ProtectTheNest A Surge in our Area & High Risk Gatherings

October 28: #ProtectTheNest: Keep up the Good Work.

October 19: #ProtectTheNest: UMR Community Moves to Step Three Today

October 12: #ProtectTheNest Maroon and Gold Plan Step Update

October 8: #ProtectTheNest: Spring Break 2021

September 28: #ProtectTheNest: UMR Community Moves to Step Two Today

September 21: #Protect the Nest; What You Need to Know 

September 1: #ProtectTheNest UMR's Maroon and Gold Plan

August 31: #ProtectTheNest Resources

August 24: #ProtectTheNest: Board of Regents Action Update

August 21: #ProtectTheNest: Potential Board of Regents Action - Update from Chancellor Carrell

August 19: #ProtectTheNest: UMR Faculty Welcome You to UMR!

August 13: #ProtectTheNest Fall 2020 Update from the Chancellor

August 7: #ProtectTheNest: A special message from Chancellor Carrell to the Class of 2024

August 4: #ProtectTheNest Important Fall Updates 2020

July 31: August Virtual Town Halls

July 17: Important Fall Updates

June 29: Face Covering Expectations 

June 12: Onward -- to Fall 2020 

June 2: Update on CARES Act funding distribution  

May 4: Our shared responsibility for a safe return

April 29: Student Communication - refunds

April 28: S/N Message to Undergraduate Students

April 14: Innovation Sprint Conversations, FAQs & Short Survey

April 14: Student Response Invited from Chancellor and new FAQ page

April 3: A Message for Families 

March 31: S/N message to UMR undergraduate students

March 26: Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary UMR Students

March 26: Campus Facilities 

March 25: School Age Childcare; Student Health Services and Well-being

March 24: 318 Commons Residents Message 

March 20: COVID-19 Update for Students

March 20: COVID-19 Update for Staff

March 16: University of Minnesota Laboratories:  Preparing for the Impact of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2   

March 16: A message to students from Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Engagement and Equity

March 13: COVID-19 Update from Chancellor Carrell

March 11: COVID-19 Update from Chancellor Carrell