Service Level Agreement for Events


UMR IT/ITV/Classroom Support Services provides technical assistance and support for classes, ITV classes, video conferences, events, and meetings held in UMR facilities during UMR’s regularly scheduled business hours. These hours include when classes are in session, as well as when the facilities are open for UMR sponsored events. This support includes setup of UMR provided equipment, technical assistance as needed during classes, meetings, and events, orientation for meeting host and speakers, coordination with other ITV or video conferencing sites, and assistance with use of non-UMR provided equipment (e.g., laptops). 

Requesting Support for Events

In order to provide the highest level of support to events, meetings, and classes, requests for support should be received seven days before the event. The request for support should include:

  1. Name of meeting, date, time of the event/meeting, setup time, IT/ITV support time need
  2. UMR faculty/staff sponsor
  3. UMR support staff making request, if applicable
  4. Whether sponsor or support staff requesting IT support will be attending event
  5. Size of event
  6. Who will be attending (e.g., students, staff, faculty, community members, Chancellor, legislators, Regents)
  7. Equipment needed
  8. Whether internet access is required
  9. Whether outside equipment is being brought in, by whom and what is it(e.g., Mac or PC Laptop)
  10. Level of support needed from IT staff and time of need (e.g., helping with getting speaker connected, fully monitoring event)
  11. If the event is outside of regular business hours, a justification of why support is required
  12. Other special needs