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UMR Room Reservations

Who schedules events in the UMR classrooms and meeting rooms?

Diane Ingvaldson coordinates the scheduling of all general purpose classrooms and meeting rooms at UMR. Rooms 414 and 417 are special conference spaces available for meetings for on and off campus groups. Some fees may be assessed. Email: and phone 507-258-8020

Who can request an event?

Any group that is a part of a University Department, student organization with student activities offices, non-profits, or government. External groups may rent classrooms or meeting rooms on a fee basis.

Events that can and cannot be scheduled in general purpose classrooms

Classrooms are used for class instruction, study or other like activity. Events in general purpose classrooms must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings. Non-class events are welcome, but they must not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, or the surrounding area.

Activities that are not compatible with general purpose classrooms include amplified music, dances, dinners, parties, theater, stage events, performances, events that require refurnishing of rooms or removal of equipment without prior request. Non-compatible events include any event that adversely impacts the classroom directly, or that impacts research, study or other academic pursuits in areas adjacent to classrooms.

How to check room availability and submit event scheduling requests

Requests for room reservations may be submitted by eligible users via the new UMR SharePoint Calendar system. Click here for more details.

Room Assignment priority for events

Scheduling priority is given first to academic courses. Scheduling priority is given second to academic seminars. The scheduling of space for academic seminars occurs after semester courses are scheduled but before rooms are opened for general use. The scheduling of general use meetings and other events opens one month prior to semester start. Requests that are submitted earlier will be handled on a case by case basis.

Scheduling staff will assign each reservation to the most appropriate space available. Requests for specific rooms will be honored when possible. The scheduling staff reserves the right to re-assign space when necessary and will identify suitable alternative space for the original reservation.

Events will not be scheduled on University Holidays.

If UMR experiences an emergency closing due to weather, utility failure, or other unforeseen disaster, the event is considered cancelled.

A/V Equipment and Technical Support Staff

Event requests do not serve as work requests for IT/ITV Classroom support. Please also see our listing of classrooms and their room specifications for available equipment in the classrooms. If you require IT equipment or assistance for your event or class or have questions, please send an email to and staff will assist you as needed. Requests should be received at least three days in advance.

Room Expectations

All users of classrooms are expected to leave the classroom and its equipment in good order. Keeping a classroom in good order includes chairs and tables straightened, electronic equipment shut off, taking away or disposing of everything that each brought to the room. Users are also expected to take extra care that no damage is done to classrooms or classroom furniture or equipment and that the room is returned to a class-ready condition.


Serving and/or consuming food or beverages is not authorized in general-purpose classrooms without prior permission. Please contact your room scheduler or UMR staff contact for information on catering


The University of Minnesota has a specific policy regarding alcohol on campus. The University of Minnesota prohibits alcohol in the classroom. Please contact your room scheduler or UMR staff contact for information on special events and policy.


University policy prohibits smoking in campus buildings, including classrooms and meeting rooms.


Wheelchair accessibility to general purpose classrooms is provided. However, some meeting rooms may have limited accessibility. Please discuss accessibility needs at the time of placing your event request.

University Disability Services may also be of assistance.


If you have further questions please contact Diane Ingvaldson.


Phone: 507-258-8020