Faculty and Staff Giving

Faculty and staff are primary supporters of development at UMR. Their presence and unique talents are visible at all fundraisers and recognition events both at UMR and throughout our community.  The extent to which UMR faculty and staff contribute speaks a loud and clear message to our donors. Please consider becoming a donor/supporter through a payroll deduction or a one-time donation. All gifts are used in Rochester to support such UMR growth areas as research, program development and expansion and special student needs. 

Also, consider becoming a Presidents Club Heritage Society member by including UMR in your future planning

UMR Presidents Club members:

  • Maria Brown
  • Drs. David (retired UMR) and Rachel Carl
  • Jim (retired UMR) and Sue Clausen
  • Patrick Dean and Joan Hunziker-Dean
  • Joe (retired UMR) and Peggy Marchesani
  • Gail Sauter
  • Dr. Mike (retired UMR) and Chris Smith
  • Dick (retired UMR) and Jan Westerlund