Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give to the University of Minnesota Rochester?

Gifts can serve students and the community by meeting educational needs of individuals or industries. Gifts also help prepare for the future through research and education.

How can I make a gift to UMR?

Gifts can be made in a number of ways including outright, planned, and corporate and foundation gifts. People or organizations interested in giving should contact UMR using the contact information found at the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Can my gift make a difference?

Although it might seem like a gift of $5 or $100 wouldn't have that much impact, every gift adds to the total pool of financial resources available to UMR. If ten donors give $100 each, a $1,000 award can be given to a deserving student.

Why does UMR need private funds when it receives public dollars from the State?

Despite UMR's designation as state supported, it continues to receive less and less of its operating financial resources from the State of Minnesota. At this point, Minnesota's contribution is less than 25% of the University's total budget. It is expected that state contributions will continue to decline.

Can I designate the use of my gift?

Absolutely. It's your money. You may also name a scholarship or project for yourself or a loved one with the establishment of an endowed fund. Unrestricted funds can make the difference in allowing the University to decide where the funds can make the biggest impact.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, as permissible by law. Consult your accountant.