Josh Marell, Ph.D.

Lecturer, CLI

Josh MarellEducation
All degrees are for Chemistry. PhD - University of Minnesota - 2016, MS - University of Minnesota - 2012, BS - Illinois Institute of Technology - 2009 (Specialization in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Teaching at UMR
I focus on connecting students to a community of learners around them. I believe strongly that students learn better when they are immersed in a setting that has others engaged and interested in the topics we are discussing as a class. My hope is that by bringing my passion and excitement for chemistry with me everyday that students pick up that same energy and can share their learning with one another.

My primary areas of research interest are in bridging the worlds of experimental and theoretical chemistry. I'm primarily interested in helping experimental chemist make meaning of their findings through theoretical exploration. I'm also deeply interested in the role technology can play in enhancing student learning. I'm always looking into news ways to include technology, the role it plays in both helping/distracting student's processing of information, and what new technologies might be useful in the classroom.