University of Minnesota Rochester Conducts its 9th Annual Research and Education Symposium

Authored By: mknutson 05/20/2019

Earlier this month, University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) hosted its 9th annual Research and Education Symposium at the DoubleTree Hotel. Students had the opportunity to present their posters and participate in oral presentations. Additionally, several UMR alumni participated in a panel focused on research opportunities available to students.

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Typically, research symposiums are reserved for final senior projects; at UMR, understanding the importance of research and that it should not be the only culminating product, the goal of the Research and Education Symposium is to show students in all years in action.

“The Research and Education Symposium intentionally includes work by students at every level and involved in every type of research,” says Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Innovation at UMR and keynote speaker for the Symposium. “The process of research was on display. And, at each level, students showed impressive depth of knowledge-- and thirst for discovery.”

Students are glad to be able to get this hands-on practice early on.

“Presenting at the symposium was quite the experience,” says Jarod Davis, a second-year student who was presenting for the second time. “The opportunity to acquisition varying snippets of potential health interventions was very intriguing for me.”

The event was opened by Vice President Chris Kramer, Vice President for Research at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Chancellor Carrell.