Meet Sifa - The Resilience, Well-being and Mental Health Featured Student

Authored By: dies0044 12/10/2021

Resilience, Well-being and Mental Health

Achieving an ongoing balance among all of the elements that contribute to a robust and productive life is a skill that can be acquired through education and practice. Helping others find ways to integrate body, mind and spirit in healthy activities is an exciting and innovative career opportunity for many UMR students.

Sifa Mosiori

Sifa Mosiori, ‘17

Resilience, Well-being and Mental Health
Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MN

What did your Capstone Experience at UMR involve? Throughout my experience at UMR, much of my focus was on the mind and body through my biology and psychology courses. I believe in holistic practices, so I decided to take the opportunity to explore the spiritual side to encompass the mind, body and spirit. Through my experience, I stayed abroad in Madrid, Spain and I was able to take World Religion class and explore spirituality and creativity through art. I was able to tie-in the mind and body during my spring semester by focusing on the history of medicine and child psychology.

How did your Capstone experience prepare you for your future in what you’re currently doing? By exploring the mind, body and soul I was able to recognize my passion for psychology, and I’ve been able to explore that post graduation. Working in the mental health field, all those components of a person are important to understand how to help clients with their needs.


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