Sarah Vang, UMR Alumna 2021, smiles while sitting outside of Mayo Clinic buildings in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota.
$5 Million Goal


UMR graduates contribute to the diversification of the health care talent pipeline – a development expected to enhance innovation and public health outcomes.

Advancing Student Success

Beyond academics, a student’s financial health is a major factor in their success and retention. Removing financial barriers will increase the number of students who have the opportunity to complete a world-class University of Minnesota Rochester education.


UMR will continue to prioritize academic innovation into the future. Today’s investment will create a new tomorrow, with UMR graduates solving the grand health challenges of the 21st century.

Quote from the Chancellor

An OPPORTUNITY for you to


Zach Domeier, UMR Alumnus 2013, leans forward with a stethoscope around his neck.Photo of

Ways to Give


Create new student scholarships, removing barriers to college completion and career launch.


Support student success through educational innovation, launching new cost-reducing college designs like NXT GEN MED.

Other Ways to Give

Make a gift online to the UMR scholarship fund or the UMR innovation fund, or mail in a gift form (PDF) with credit card information or a check.

Planned giving through wills and trusts, and retirement and life insurance plans allows your gift to have immediate and/or long term effects on the areas at UMR that matter most to you. To initiate a planned gift, please complete and submit an estate form

For more information and to explore planned giving opportunities, please contact Associate Vice President, Principal Gifts & Strategic Initiatives, Travis Smith.

Show your commitment and pride in the University of Minnesota Rochester! You can easily sign up to make ongoing gifts through payroll deduction.

Set up a sustaining gift (PDF) through monthly payments via your credit card or bank account.

Endowments ensure there is an enduring source of funding for student scholarships at the University of Minnesota Rochester. Endowments grow over time—the principal is invested and a portion of the fund’s value, currently 4.5 percent, is made available each year to support UMR student scholarships. Create and name an endowment fund by contacting Travis Smith at

Employer Match. Double or triple your donation with a matching gift from your employer. Search the University of Minnesota database to see if your employer offers matching gifts. 


Bentson Scholarship Challenge. For a growing number of families, the price of a college education has outpaced what they can afford. Scholarships created through the Bentson Challenge meet students’ financial needs and follow them throughout their four-year undergraduate journey. 


Your gift of $50,000 or more will be invested in an endowment to make college possible for generations of Pell-eligible undergraduates. While your endowment grows, the Bentson Foundation will make additional funds available immediately to help students from under-resourced backgrounds cover the full cost of college.

Learn more about the Bentson Scholarship Challenge.

"I'm so thankful for [my scholarship] every single day. It makes my life so much easier. I'm able to put all my energy and effort into school rather than work or something else."

-Madison Nelson '23

Students smiling at Scholarship Banquet

Doing What We Do Best

Learn more about our donors and how their donations are making a difference at UMR.

Jim Clausen

Paying it Forward Through Scholarships

Marilyn Stewart

A Lasting Legacy

Dr. Claire E. Bender

A Love of Sonography and Similar Backgrounds Unite Benefactor and Student

Investing in Our Collective Future

The demand for tomorrow’s health care leaders is surging. The need is great. The University of Minnesota Rochester aspires to transform higher education to empower future generations of innovators, caretakers, researchers and history makers. We are making our mark… and there is more to be done.


To discuss your Onward campaign opportunity, please contact:

Lori J. Carrell, PhD


Leading Transformation in Higher Education

Students are driven and united by their passion to make a difference in the world through a career in health and a life of service to their communities. Learn more how UMR is making a difference, educating future talent, and shaking up higher education!