Pre-Health Action Plan

Using an Action Plan to Build Your Application Portfolio

There are many components to a student's preparation for a health professional program.  Health professional program application committees are looking for well-rounded applicants that have a wide range of experiences.  The Pre-Health Action Plan is a tool created by the Pre-Health Student Resource Center on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus to help you get organized on your road to application to the health professional program of your choice.

You're encouraged to complete the

To access the Pre-Health Action Plan and convert to an editable format, follow the directions below. 

    • If you are a UMN student, log in with your UMN account OR a non-UMN student, log into a personal Gmail account.
    • You can click on "File" in the upper left hand side, then "Make a Copy", and save an editable version of the Action Plan on your personal Google Drive. You could also download as an Excel Spreadsheet, if you prefer, by clicking "File" --> "Download As" --> "Microsoft Excel."
    • Because this tool was developed by this Twin Cities office, you will see some references to bringing the tool to a PHSRC counselor. As a UMR student, you should not do this step - this is a tool you can reflect on with your student success coach, who is your pre-health advisor at UMR.
    • Once you have your own personal Action Plan saved on your Google Drive, think of it as a living document that you can keep adding information into, keeping all of your application related experiences in one place. 

After completing the Pre-Health Action Plan, you can schedule an appointment with your student success coach to review your progress and get personalized feedback.  

This is a great tool to start using as early as your first year at UMR and keep updating and referencing in your coaching appointments throughout your time at UMR. 

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