Recovery On Campus Community

The Recovery on Campus (ROC!) Community enhances the success of UMR students in long-term recovery from alcohol or drug addictions through intentional community development, accountability, belonging and support. Students who commit to and are selected for this special program are passionate future health care professionals and leaders who seek to maintain sobriety through a 12-step program and a supportive, undergraduate learning environment.

Vision. The ultimate aim of this ROC! Community is to support the success of UMR students in recovery who will infuse the health care field with their transformational living, civic engagement, and high-integrity leadership.

Objectives: As a UMR ROC! resident, you will:

  • Discover your strengths, skills, academic success and health care profession options in a supportive and accountable community.
  • Maintain your long-term recovery by continued participation in a 12-step program including regularly attending on-campus ROC! meetings and maintaining your relationship with a sponsor.
  • Demonstrate personal integrity as a future health care professional by participating in activities that support your wellness and health (e.g. exercise, meditation, healthy eating, etc.).
  • Create academic goals and a time-management plan, meeting weekly with your ROC! Coach to review your progress.
  • Actively participate in creating a positive Living Learning Community.
  • Manage conflict constructively within the ROC! Community, seeking assistance from your ROC! Coach or Health & Wellness Advocate as needed.
  • Participate in weekly community gatherings, to develop relationships, study skills, self-management, time-management, and money management, and to discover your path to success as a health care student in recovery.
  • Further develop your self-identity as a future health care professional and leader by participating in career exploration activities.
  • Contribute to campus or community life through civic engagement.
  • Maintain the UMR Student Code of Conduct.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Document utilization of UMR student resources, including academic support via JustASK and other faculty office hour visits; disability resources, if needed; wellness support and ongoing stress management activities; and coaching from Student Success Coaches and ROC! staff.
  • Thrive, as a student, and ultimately, a health care professional

Applicants must abide by the University and ROC! guidelines and have:

  • At least six months of continued sobriety
  • A desire to grow in all aspects of life
  • A passion for health sciences

Interested students should apply to the University of Minnesota Rochester at and note that they are interested in the ROC! program.

Questions? Contact:
Kris Barry
Director of Health and Wellness