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To serve the students at UMR by providing solution-focused counseling so that students may better understand themselves, their current situation, and are able to develop helpful strategies that support their personal growth and overall health and wellbeing. Counseling Services is an integral part of student services by assisting students in realizing their individual potential and success.

Here to help…

College can be a time of uncertainty and transition as students navigate their way ahead. Counseling Services can be a helpful resource to students by helping problem solve challenges and develop a path forward. Overall, there are some helpful things to know about an appointment with a counselor.

  • It is important to know that counseling is often a process of self-discovery that can take time.
  • Counseling is not intended to be a quick ‘fix’.
  • Counseling services are free of charge for enrolled students at UMR.
  • Students will be responsible for any charges that result from off-campus referrals.


Please know that your appointment with the counselor is confidential. In addition, any appointment information or content of meetings are not a part of your academic record. Confidentiality rules are followed within clear guidelines except under specific legal conditions set forth by Minnesota law.

Concerned about someone?

Is there a friend or someone at UMR that you are concerned about? Sending a Care Report is a good way to help staff at UMR to provide assistance to students needing additional support. To submit a Care Report, use the following link:

Care Report


To learn more about Counseling Services or other counseling options, you can also contact Richard Kotovich directly.