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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that are not answered by this FAQ, please feel free to email your question to rhousing@r.umn.edu.

Entering into University Housing can bring a great deal of questions that you want or need the answer to.

The following FAQ highlights commons interests, concerns, or questions that we are asked on a daily basis.

You are in luck! We have a guide that walks you through, step by step, on how to apply to housing.

Semester rates for housing can be found here.

UMR is committed to our first-year student experience and will reserve spaces to meet our admissions numbers for our new student class. While you should have no problem getting housing at UMR, it does not mean that you will receive your first choice in preferences for housing. All assignments are made on a case by case basis, meeting as many preferences as possible with the remaining spaces.

The first round of housing assignments is communicated in June. If you sign up after the May 1, you will be assigned later in the summer. All housing assignment information will be sent via email to your UMR student email account. Keep checking this email account throughout the summer for important information.

We want housing at UMR to support your needs so that you feel comfortable and able to succeed while attending. If you have a need that should be taken into account before placing you into housing, please contact our Disability Resources Office as soon as possible.

Accommodation requests are best served prior to May 1, so that we can take your need into account before we make our initial wave of assignments; however, we are still committed to honoring your accommodation regardless.

Yes. If you log into the housing application, you will be able to re-submit a new application. This will reset your preferences to the new information. Re-submitting will not have an impact on how you are assigned due to timing, only from the new information that you have supplied. IMPORTANT: Do NOT proceed with the payment step a second time. Just exit the browser when you get to this step.

Yes. In the application, list the information of other accepted UMR students who you want to live with. People need to request you, and you need to request them in order to be considered as roommates. Make sure people that you request want to live with you and complete the application with your information. You will need their X500, and they will need yours as well. The X500 is the part of their UMR student email account before the @ symbol (example: for the email rhousing@r.umn.edu, the X500 = rhousing).

You can submit the names of up to three (3) individuals with whom you want to share an apartment.

Assigning students to their apartments is a complicated puzzle that we solve utilizing information provided to us in your application. We make assignments based on: status as a student (new, returner, etc.), requested Living Learning Communities, price requested, roommates requested and other information provided in the application.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive all of your requests, but we work to honor as many as possible. If you are assigned to a room that was not your first choice, it was a result of not having the space available. If you would like to contact us about your assignment, please send a detailed email to rhousing@r.umn.edu.

All web-based systems sometimes break down or have other issues. If the application is not working, please send a detailed email with your name, exact issue (screenshots help) and date to rhousing@r.umn.edu.

If you would like to cancel your housing contract, please contact rhousing@r.umn.edu as soon as possible.

If you would like to cancel your contract, please read and follow the protocol here.

Your first step is to attend a formal visit day. At these visit days you will experience a tour of housing. Please contact the Office of Admissions to schedule your visit. 

If you want to set up an informal tour of 318 Commons, contact Mariah Pederson, Interim Director of Residential Life at pedersom@r.umn.edu.

We can make arrangements for move-ins that occur outside of our scheduled times on a case-by-case basis. To inquire, please send a details inquiry with name, reason for your request and preferred move-in date to rhousing@r.umn.edu.

Bringing a vehicle to campus is a personal choice that should be made in reflection of your finances. UMR partners with a downtown parking ramp to provide parking for students at a monthly cost. 

For those on the fence, it is very possible to live on campus and NOT have a car available. We have local restaurants, grocery stores, grocery delivery options, a city bus system and a lot of other students who may be willing to ride share. You can also bring your bicycle to campus or walk to where you want to go downtown.

Yes, we are. Your apartment will be available to you over Thanksgiving, winter and spring break as a part of your academic year contract. Feel free to come and go as you please. However, our Front Desk services and academic spaces may be closed -- this information will be communicated to you prior to breaks occurring.

The community of faculty, staff and students at UMR are committed to creating a safe environment where all people feel welcomed to learn. In housing, we work very hard to create safe spaces, limited access to student housing and we employ several people to monitor our University. Read more here.

The summer before college can be a busy time for UMR students. Vacations, work or a lack of access to email could all be reasons for an inability to contact your new roommates. If you find yourself in this situation, assume that they are not able to contact you and plan the best you can for yourself. When you arrive, you will work on an Apartment Agreement with your Resident Assistant/Community Assistant to work out some of the details for your apartment.