Student Groups

Want to start a club or organization? Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Click here for the list of our current clubs and organizations.

If there is a club that is missing from this list that you want to start, then just follow the simple directions below!

1. Identify five or more students, one of which will serve as the group's contact person.

2. Identify a faculty or staff member to serve as your group's advisor. Each faculty or staff member can only serve as the advisor for two groups.

3. Complete the new student organization form and create a constitution. Hand all of the information in to Kelly Dano, Student Activities Coordinator.

After completing all of these steps, Kelly will set up a short meeting with the student contact and advisor. At that meeting you’ll discuss topics such as advertising group activities, accessing funds, reserving rooms, involving the community and students at other institutions, and your relationship with the group advisor, depending on your group's classification (see below). Once approved the group can reserve space on campus, request money from the Student Activities Board, and advertise their events with signs in the lounge, on MyU, etc. 

Groups that have been officially recognized on the Duluth or Twin Cities campus are encouraged to submit their information to Kelly as well. 

Student Group Types

The chart below helps outline the differences in the three student group types at UMR. If you have any questions contact Kelly Dano.

UMR Student Group Types