UMR students talking among one another in 318 Commons lounge

Front Desk Services

The Front Desk at 318 Commons serves as a place to ask questions, report incidents and emergencies, checkout games and other equipment and is responsible for the delivery of packages to our residents. 

When the Front Desk receives a package for you, they will log it into our tracking system, email you a notification and hold your item at the Front Desk. To pick it up, please come down with your UMR Student ID to verify your identity. No ID, No Package.

The following are some of the items available for checkout at the Front Desk:

  • Pool equipment (cues, balls, racks, chalk)
  • Table Tennis equipment (paddles, balls, etc.)
  • Xbox 360 (Kinect, Kinect Adventures)
  • Wii (Mario Kart, Trauma Center, Wii Sports)
  • Board Games: Twister, Catch Phrase, Operation, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Scategories, Connect 4, Big Boggle, Checkers, Sorry, Scrabble, UNO, playing cards)

Want to request additional equipment for checkout? Talk to the Front Desk Assistant about your request and they will forward the information to the Residential Life Director, 318 Community Council or the Rochester Student Association.

The Front Desk supports a lost and found system for things left in 318 Commons, the basement classrooms or anything that is turned in. Missing something? Check the Front Desk.