Vice Chancellor's Teaching & Learning Discretionary Fund

Guidelines for Expenditures

The UMR Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) fund will support campus-wide endeavors that are selected or commissioned at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Development.

The UMR leadership team has approved the following plan for expenditure of these funds.

In its initial stage (in 2014-2015), the fund consisted of 40% ($27,120) of the total ICR balance ($67,800). Sixty percent of the existing fund dollars ($40,680) are being retained to match funds for external grant proposals, as needed. As faculty grant activities expand such that the balance of the ICR fund is increased, a project selection procedure that extends beyond the Vice Chancellor will be explored. Several models for such processes are available from other campuses. When the ICR balance increases, the VC expects to appoint a working group charged with examining relevant models and then constructing process recommendations for accessing these funds.

Expectations: In the initial stage of expenditure from this fund, the VC will select or commission projects that are...

  • strategic, intentional, and collaborative;
  • supportive of the UMR Vision and Centering Aspirations;
  • serving the learning and development of faculty, staff, and/or students;
  • providing institutional level assessment data*;
  • not funded through other established sources; and
  • producing results that will be shared with the UMR campus community.

(*This fund is not meant to supplement research faculty start-up funds, but in our unique context institutional level assessment data and faculty research may intersect.)
Examples of types of endeavors that may be supported by this fund include survey costs for measurement of student learning or development outcomes across the curriculum; summer stipends for assessment or optimizing distinctiveness working groups; or teaching and learning workshop costs.

These guidelines for expenditure will be revisited by the leadership team in June of 2018 or when all identified funds are expended, whichever comes first.

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