Evaluation of Transfer Credits

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Why does understanding this help me? 
Understanding how your transfer courses or standardized exams apply to your UMR degree can help you plan your path to graduation.

Transferable credit: 
Courses that count toward your overall graduation, a minimum of 120 credits required. The Transferology website provides a list of transferable courses, and if they are a match for UMR transfer.

Liberal education:
Core requirements for all students, regardless of major.

Major, Minor, or Prerequisite Requirements:
Courses that fulfill a requirement for your declared major or minor.

Equivalent course:
A course from another institution that has been approved as a direct match to a course at UMR. Transfer courses that are equivalent to a course required for your major or minor are applied to your degree upon review of an official transcript.

This information is provided for basic understanding only. You should always consult with your student success coach to determine your final transfer plan.

How courses are evaluated:

The Office of Admissions

Evaluates transfer courses to determine if they transfer to UMR, based on the following criteria:

  • Whether the institution is regionally accredited.
  • The mission of the institution (credit is not normally transferred from specialized or proprietary institutions, military schools, or industry-based education programs).
  • The comparability of the coursework with UMR coursework.
  • The appropriateness of the coursework for meeting baccalaureate degree requirements.

Curriculum Committee

Evaluates transfer courses to determine: 

  • If they meet any of the Liberal Education (LE) requirements.
  • If they will be accepted as a substitute course for a program requirement category (e.g. an Upper Division Course requirement).

Area Faculty

Evaluate transfer courses to determine:

  • If they are a direct course match with a University of Minnesota Rochester course; often called an equivalent course.
  • If they will be accepted as a substitute for a required course in a program.

International courses

At this time, international courses are only reviewed after a student confirms their enrollment and should NOT be submitted using the process below. Please contact the *[UMTC]* Office of Admissions if you have questions.

Submitting a Course for Review

Please select the option below that best aligns with your relationship to the University of Minnesota Rochester campus. You can expect to hear an outcome of the review within four weeks.