International Student Admissions

For admission purposes, you are considered an international student if:

  • you are not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or refugee, AND
  • you require a visa to study in the United States or you are currently on a temporary visa.

Note: If you are a U.S. citizen living overseas, or have dual citizenship and plan on entering the U.S. on your U.S. passport, you should not apply as an international student.  You can find additional admission information here.

The University of Minnesota Rochester is able to admit international students into two programs: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) and Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICB).  

For admission information, click on the program name below!

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS)

The University of Minnesota Rochester offers one major for incoming international high school students, a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree. UMR's Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree will prepare students for everything pre-health. Discover some of those careers here. The opportunities are endless! In the fast-moving world of health sciences, overlap is constant and change is inevitable. Rather than segregate health care topics, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences weaves them across natural and social sciences, math, arts, and humanities for an approach that deepens understanding and sharpens problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Graduate: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICB)

The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology M.S. and Ph.D. graduate programs offer a full suite of academic offerings and research opportunities in this fast growing field to give you the skills and knowledge needed to lead the way to tomorrow’s tools for the quantitative analysis of biological and clinical data.

Please contact the Office of Admissions for all inquiries regarding international admission at the University of Minnesota Rochester.

Other degree programs at UMR

Due to federal regulation and certain aspects of the UMR/Mayo Clinic partnership, UMR is not able to offer admission to international students for any of the other degree programs located in Rochester.  This includes the Bachelor of Science in Health Professions, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration programs.