Wireless printing is available on campus. 

$100 is available on your UCard to print for the entire school year. 

Additional requests will be billed in $25 increments.

Please exercise good judgement when printing class notes, worksheets, etc. UMR IT recommends you only print when necessary.

CloudPrint on Campus

Avoid downloading and installing drivers on your device. Upload your files and print to a release station on campus. Visit

Visit for more information and instructions.  

Download Printer Drivers

PC Users:

PC Black and White Printing
PC Color Printing

Mac Users:

Mac Black and White Printing
Mac Color Printing


Printing Instructions

Managed printing is a fast, easy way to print. You simply send a print job to a managed printer and the printer workstation holds your job until you are ready to release it. You will need to have money loaded on your U Card in order to release the print job.


Send a Print Job to an OIT-Managed Printer

  • Preview your document

    • Check your document for accuracy before printing.

  • Select the printer

    • When you are ready to print, choose the correct printer and options. Names of printers will vary by location.

    • Click the "Print" or "OK" button.

  • Complete additional steps

    • Based on location, you may be required to enter additional information (e.g., your Internet ID and a temporary password).

  • Select your release method

    • Depending on your location, you can release your print job either by using the computer display and keyboard or the printer touch display.

Release Your Print Job

  • Use the computer display and keyboard

    • Swipe your U Card through the card reader in the keyboard and a list of available print jobs will be displayed.

    • Select your print job and the cost will be displayed.

    • Select and verify the cost of your print job, then click "Print."

    • Based on location, you may be required to enter additional information (e.g., your Internet ID and a temporary password).

  • Use the printer touch display


  • Click the "Release Print" button.

  • Swipe your U Card.

  • Select your print job on the touch display.


  • Click the “Copy” button.

  • When the display asks you to “Swipe Your Card,” swipe your U Card.

  • Click the green “Start” button, and various options will become available (i.e., number of copies, darker/lighter).

  • Retrieve your print-outs from the printer.


Printing rates 

Black and white  

$.10 per side


$.50 per side

For any questions or concerns regarding printing at UMR, contact UMR IT at