Up close shot of student grabbing food from the dining hall.
Student Life Center

Raptor Eats

There’s no need to worry about buying groceries or cooking if you have a meal plan. With a variety of food options, you’re just a UCard swipe away from healthy, balanced meals.

UMR Raptor Eats

Students living in the Student Life Center (SLC) will participate in a meal plan. UMR’s new dining facility provides students with a variety of healthy options. Dining on campus is more than just a way to satisfy your hunger. It's an experience that unlocks countless opportunities and connections during your time on campus.

Raptor Eats Fast Facts:

    • Dining hall menus and hours.
    • Located on the second floor of SLC
    • All students living in SLC must have a 19 meals per week meal plan
    • Dining will have modified hours and/or alternate arrangements made over University breaks and holidays
    • The meal plan rate is $2,550/semester.
Closeup photo of a salad bar and worker serving a plate of food.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to UMR's Dining Services, Raptor Eats at rdining@r.umn.edu.