Campus Safety and Community Standards

One of UMR’s primary concerns is to create and maintain safe living and learning environments for UMR students.

The Office of Residential Life (ORL) works in conjunction with campus-wide safety partners and the city of Rochester to ensure that your time here is conducive to learning and living without interference.

Building Security Measures

Resident Assistant (RA) Staff
Each night, a member of the RA staff performs building rounds at 318 Commons. RA staff can be reached at the on-call phone number 507-515-8277 for concerns or emergencies.

Student Security Monitors
A member of the Student Security Monitor team performs rounds within the non-residential portion of the building maintaining a presence in 318 Commons and University Square. Monitors are available for any emergency or concern and are able to contact building and emergency personnel.

Room Doors
All apartment and individual bedroom doors have locking mechanisms. Apartment doors are always locked and can only be accessed via key-fobs given to the roommates of the apartment. Bedroom doors may be locked or unlocked via keys given to each resident.

Fob Elevator Access
Access to any of the residential floors is limited to residents of the building via key-fob. No person can access any floor above the second floor without a resident-assigned fob.

The stairwells allow egress in the event of an emergency but do not allow ingress. To access the floors, all persons must use the elevators that are controlled via key-fob access.

The Rochester Skyway is connected to 318 Commons and University Square and allows for comfortable, well-lit, direct access to other UMR facilities and downtown locales.

Personal Safety Escort
If you desire an escort when walking alone from downtown parking ramps or lots, please call 507-281-4952. Premier Security will escort you to your designated location. Remember to call shorty ahead of your departure.

Campus Safety and Security Site
Security throughout University Square is provided by Premier Security and can be reached at 507-281-4952. UMR public spaces are monitored by various modes including security cameras and staff.

UMR Campus Safety and Security Report
UMR Missing Student Policy and Procedure

Concern Forms

Forms to be submitted when there are concerns about UMR student or staff behavior