UMR faculty working with students

Center for Learning Innovation

The CLI promotes a learner-centered, technology-enhanced, concept-driven and community-integrated learning environment.

Through ongoing assessment of student achievement, the CLI aspires to personalize education, establish research on learning and continuously improve curriculum.

All of our faculty work together to prepare students for the exciting world of health care, in the way their research suggests is best.

Student Outcomes

UMR students will acquire knowledge to provide a substantive foundation for advanced learning in the health sciences and related disciplines, including humanities, biological science, historical perspective, literature, mathematical thinking, physical science and the social sciences.

UMR students will demonstrate progressively advanced competence in the intellectual and practical skills related to oral and written communication, independence, interdependence and reasoning, including scientific inquiry, quantitative literacy, information literacy and problem-solving.

UMR students will develop and implement practices associated with self-monitoring, goal orientation, academic discipline, determination, accountability and responsibility. In addition, students will develop the ability to evaluate and modify reactions and behaviors in order to work under conditions of uncertainty and facilitate introspection and resilience.

UMR students will apply an understanding of multiple perspectives, experiences and social structures to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and recognize local and global challenges.

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