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Health Care Scholars Day

"Health Care Scholars Day was a great way to connect with other prospective students through our passion for health care, diversity and inclusion. I was able to meet several alumni and hear their stories and accomplishments that positively impacted the community. After attending health scholars day, I knew that UMR was the best college for me and my success." - Kiersten Lee, Health CORE scholarship recipient

A Scholarship Competition for Incoming Students

At the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR), we strive to help provide students with resources to make their education more affordable. Since 2016, UMR has held Health Care Scholars Day, an opportunity for invited attendees to compete for scholarship dollars. Some scholarships are recurring contingent upon good academic standings and commitment to program.

The 2021 scholarship competition is by invitation only and will be held virtually.

    Health Care Scholars Day Testimonials:

    Jakob Kujath"The Health Care Scholars Day was an exciting way to earn a scholarship. The different stages allowed me to tell my story as well as I could. It made all the hard work I did in high school meaningful, especially to an understanding audience with similar experiences." Jakob Kujath, first-year, Kasson, Minnesota