UMR mascot Rockie Raptor walking in the skyway

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Are you ready to become a #FutureRaptor?

We are excited that you are interested in applying to the University of Minnesota Rochester!

The Fall 2020 application is now open!

Application Steps (for incoming freshmen and BSHS transfer students)

Step 1:

Complete the online application:

Freshmen can apply using either the Common App or the Raptor App

Transfer students can apply ONLY using the Raptor App

PSEO students can apply ONLY using the Raptor App

Step 2:

Submit additional required documents

Freshman required documents:

✔️Official High School Transcript
✔️Standardized Test Scores - ACT or SAT
✔️Official College or University Transcripts (if applicable)

Transfer required documents:

✔️Official College or University Transcripts
✔️Official High School Transcripts and ACT or SAT scores (if less than 15 college credits completed)

Send application materials to:
UMR Admissions Processing
University of Minnesota Rochester
111 S Broadway
Suite 300
Rochester, MN 55904

Once you’ve completed your application through the Common App, you will be emailed login information to your online application portal Embark UMR within a few days. Embark UMR is your place to:

✔️Check the status of your application
✔️View your application checklist to see what materials we may be missing
✔️View your admission decision

Step 3:

View the Application Checklist for additional materials that may be submitted.