Faculty Research

The collective research agenda at UMR is different than at any university in the country.

We are a community of learning scholars from many disciplines. As faculty in the UMR Center for Learning Innovation we:

    • focus our primary scholarship on students and their learning
    • honor collaborative endeavors
    • view learning through an interdisciplinary lens
    • pursue provocative questions in the intersections of student learning and development
    • maintain mindful awareness of not only “my course” but also “our curriculum” 
    • expect our results to fuel educational innovation for UMR students and other educators

Research at UMR is focused in on what matters the most to us: educating future professionals in health care. All of our faculty engage in what is known as the "scholarship of teaching and learning," which means studying the intersection between how faculty teach and how students learn. Of course, we don't just study it--the results are then applied in our classes daily.

In addition to studying education, our faculty conduct research to extend the knowledge within their discipline. And much of the time, our students work side-by-side with faculty on these projects. This work is often featured in our Research and Education Symposium in the spring, along with other studies conducted by students in their courses.

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