UMR student smiling outside holding her backpack

Student Parking and Transportation

Deciding whether or not to bring a vehicle is a tough decision. Public transit, ride shares with other students and utilizing rides from parents and guardians makes it easy to leave the car at home. 

Student Parking

3rd Street (across from 318 Commons) and 1st Street (next to Student Life Center) are parking options for UMR students.

If you wish to sign-up for parking, please contact Rochester Public Parking.

For all questions and feedback, please email


Information and pictures of the RDS underground parking can be found on the Residence at Discovery Square webpage. Students indicate their interest in a parking stall on the housing application. Parking stalls are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis as UMR has a limited number of stalls reserved for students.

  • Go to MyU
  • Select Academics
  • Select My Classes
  • Go to Enrollment Tools
  • Select Enrollment Verification
  • Select Most Recent Term
  • Uncheck the box that says "Student ID"
  • Click on Submit
  • Print


Rochester Public Transit serves the city of Rochester. UMR students can purchase a 120-day bus pass for $80 from the OneStop Office. Students can opt to get this charge applied to their student account or pay with exact change.

Rochester City Lines, a private business, also operates several commuter bus routes Monday through Friday. This service is open to the public. The commuter routes bring passengers into Rochester in the morning and return in the afternoon.

Rochester Shuttle Service is an established, reputable, family-owned business in Rochester, Minnesota with over 25 years of professional passenger transportation experience. Rochester Shuttle Service is available for Rochester residents to use for transportation to and from Minneapolis and Rochester Airports, and trips to the Mall of America. 

Rochester Shuttle Service will provide $7 off of your ride when you use the code UMR at checkout. Applicable to students, staff and faculty! 

Jefferson Lines provide daily bus service to 14 states across America’s Heartland with affordable prices and convenient schedules.


The Zumbro Independent Passenger Service (ZIPS) is a origin-to-destination transportation service for persons who cannot use Rochester Public Transit's bus service due to a disability. All ZIPS vehicles are wheelchair accessible. Learn more about ZIPS and how to apply.