UMR student smiling outside holding her backpack

Student Parking and Transportation

Deciding whether or not to bring a vehicle is a tough decision. Public transit, ride shares with other students and utilizing rides from parents and guardians makes it easy to leave the car at home. 

Student Parking

For some, bringing a vehicle is a necessity. If you choose to bring a vehicle to campus be aware of the costs and processes to secure parking.

A discounted "Flex Parking Lease" is available to students enrolled in six or more weekday credits per semester. Students may purchase a parking card designated for UMR students. UMR students will be billed directly from Lanier Parking (not the University). Proof of enrollment will be required to purchase and activate the card; cards may be deactivated at the student’s request. Semester payment will be made directly to Lanier Parking at the time of purchase.

To purchase your parking card please visit the Lanier Parking Office in the Center Street Ramp. Bring these items:

  1. An enrollment verification form showing the number of credits you are taking (see instructions below to access form);

  2. Your Student ID;

  3. Check, cash, or credit card to pay for parking. The parking fee is $115 a month ($460 per semester) plus $20 dollars for the pass. 

  4. Your license number.

Lanier Parking Systems
Phone: 507-282-4545

  • Go to MyU
  • Select Academics
  • Select My Classes
  • Go to Enrollment Tools
  • Select Enrollment Verification
  • Select Most Recent Term
  • Uncheck the box that says "Student ID"
  • Click on Submit
  • Print

Public Transportation

Rochester Public Transit serves the city of Rochester. 120-day bus passes are available for UMR student's to purchase in the Student Success and Engagement Center for $80. The amount will be charged to your student account. 

Rochester City Lines, a private business, also operates several commuter bus routes Monday through Friday. This service is open to the public. The commuter routes bring passengers into Rochester in the morning and return in the afternoon.