UMR student displaying their research at the symposium event

Research and Education Symposium

Present and share undergraduate research and projects in a supportive and dynamic environment.

11th Annual UMR Research and Education Symposium - Held Virtually

Save the date for the 11th Annual UMR Research and Education Symposium on Monday, May 3, 2021 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. This event provides a space for students to present their research in a supportive and dynamic environment. 

Registration is open now until April 25, 2021. When students are ready to register they must have the following:

  • Project title (required)
  • Finalized poster in PDF format (required)
  • 250 word abstract (required)
  • Names of all collaborators (required)
  • Video describing their project in mp4 format (optional, up to 5 minutes long, filmed horizontally if using a phone)
Research Symposium

About the Annual UMR Research & Education Symposium

UMR provides a unique opportunity for all undergraduate students to present research and projects through the Research and Education Symposium.

Previous Winning Posters

1st place - Poster #21

Presenters: Nicole Paulson, Anoushka Kapoor, Danielle Lynch, Madison Winter, Jennifer Shafer, Kelly Yang
Title: Structural Heart Disease: CT Imaging Of The Mitral Valve
Summary text for poster:
The Mayo Clinic Structural Heart Disease Group utilizes CT imaging to obtain accurate, reliable measurements of the mitral apparatus to improve mitral valve dysfunction treatments.

2nd place - Poster #9

Presenter: Hailey Peterson
Title: An iterative public health process: Implementing novel hands-on learning to increase knowledge of emergency preparedness techniques in students.
Summary text for poster:

In Ecoliteracy:SCHOOL I had the chance to mentor and teach Pine Island High school students emergency preparedness techniques during two outdoor field experiences.

3rd place - Poster #15

Presenters: Sophia Peterson, Jenny Hoang, Shaele Leach, Gabrielle Jordahl, Victoria Ajayi, Hailey Peterson, Amanda Erickson, Blake Peterson
Title: Interpreting EEG data to enhance cognitive retention in the classroom
Summary text for poster:

Higher academic performance correlates with certain affective states during learning; we aim to promote learning by facilitating affective states that are correlated with cognitive retention.