UMR student displaying research at the symposium event

Research and Education Symposium

UMR provides a unique opportunity for all undergraduate students to present research and projects through the Research and Education Symposium.

14th Annual UMR Research and Education Symposium

The Research and Education Symposium was designed to provide a space for students to present their research in a supportive and dynamic environment. Undergraduate research is a vital component to the educational experience UMR students receive. Research presented at this symposium is often from courses, internships, research programs or student research opportunities alongside UMR faculty.

Winning Posters

2020 Poster Winners

1st place - Poster #21

Presented by: Nicole Paulson, Anoushka Kapoor, Danielle Lynch, Madison Winter, Jennifer Shafer, Kelly Yang

Title: Structural Heart Disease: CT Imaging Of The Mitral Valve
Summary text for poster: The Mayo Clinic Structural Heart Disease Group utilizes CT imaging to obtain accurate, reliable measurements of the mitral apparatus to improve mitral valve dysfunction treatments.

2nd place - Poster #9

Presented by: Hailey Peterson

Title: An iterative public health process: Implementing novel hands-on learning to increase knowledge of emergency preparedness techniques in students.
Summary text for poster: In Ecoliteracy:SCHOOL I had the chance to mentor and teach Pine Island High school students emergency preparedness techniques during two outdoor field experiences.

3rd place - Poster #15

Presented by: Sophia Peterson, Jenny Hoang, Shaele Leach, Gabrielle Jordahl, Victoria Ajayi, Hailey Peterson, Amanda Erickson, Blake Peterson

Title: Interpreting EEG data to enhance cognitive retention in the classroom
Summary text for poster: Higher academic performance correlates with certain affective states during learning; we aim to promote learning by facilitating affective states that are correlated with cognitive retention.

2021 Poster Winners

1st Place Audience Choice: Poster #18

Presented by: Rachel Olson, Olivia Kressin, Hunter Olson, Madeleine Olson, Mason Siefken, Hayley Duellman

Title: ARE YOU SAFE? Bacterial Species That Populate the Heart of Med City
Summary text for poster: There exists a relationship between exposure to pathogenic bacteria on public surfaces and proximity to a hospital.

2nd Place Audience Choice: Poster #14

Presented by: Alissa Tea

Title: Qualitative Document Analysis on Cambodian Survivors and Trauma
Summary text for poster: Looking into how survivors of the Cambodian Genocide deal with their trauma during and after the event and how they cope.

3rd Place Audience Choice: Poster #4 

Presented by:  Alissa Tea

Title: Building a Flourishing Relationship Behind a Screen: Creating a space for Team Building and Mentoring
Summary text for poster: Building a mentoring relationship between UMR and Pine Island High School through online methods.

Faculty & Staff Choice: Poster #13

Presented by: Bret Hansen, Shaele  Leach, Bounlot Namnakhone, Hailey Peterson, Sydney Ziemer

Title: Students reluctance to talk about politics on campus: An exploration of loci of control
Summary text for poster: Our research looked at why students at UMR were reluctant to discuss controversial issues about politics through the psychology theory of locus of control.

2022 Poster Winners

Best Overall:

Poster #25 

Presented by: Ky Van Dyke, Kyra Abrams, Jenny Casper, Rachel Olson

Title: Student attitudes toward off-campus research experiences
Summary text for poster: Students participating in off-campus research experiences at UMR were given a survey to gain insight into their attitudes and emotions around their experiences. The survey implored a 5-point Likert scale along with several open response questions. Survey results were then compared to those of a similar study to show students' emotional ownership over their projects.

Best Research:

Poster #11 

Presented by: Ryan Colburn

Title: Design of Automated Algorithm to Detect Artifacts in Intracranial EEG
Summary text for poster: My project involved working with brain signals recorded from subjects while they were doing a cognitive task. The goal of our research is to see how the brain relays information associated with visual.

Peoples Choice:

Poster #22 

Presented by: Sophia Moore

Title: Sinus Bradycardia as an initial manifestation of COVID-19
Summary text for poster: This research explores a series of patients who experienced sinus bradycardia preceding clinical manifestations of Covid-19, and how sinus bradycardia may be the initial manifestation of the virus.

Most Creative Poster Design:

Poster #8 

Presented by: Madeleine Olson

Title: Conceptions on Contraceptives
Summary text for poster: This research investigates the quality of life of undergraduate women using hormonal contraception.

2023 Poster Winners

Most Creative Poster Design

Presented by: Faduma Farah, Amber Flanders, Breanna Freecheck, Trace

Naatz, Anna Parkin

Title: A Qualitative Pilot Study About Food Insecurity Policies

People's Choice

Presented by: Dawood Al Dawood, Mmanuel Afi Dumenya

Title: Microbiome-derived Peptides with Therapeutic Potential for Hyperoxalemia, Hyperoxaluria, and Related Kidney Stones

Best Research

Presented by: Lydia Miller

Title: Application of Ligands-reversible Nanobodies for Purification of Human Proteins from HEK293F Cells

Best Overall

Presented by: Destiny Regalia

Title: Determining Therapeutic Potential of Microbiome-derived Peptides for Hyperoxalemia, Hyperoxaluria, and Related Kidney Stones

2024 Poster Winners

Most Creative Poster Design

Presented by: Intisar Abdullah, Bree Bauer, Jennifer Iwuchukwu, Ella Reichenbacher 

Title: Lyme Disease Ticks Us Off! 

People's Choice

Presented by: Leif Tollefson

Title: Conservative Students and Their Reluctance to Speak

Best Research

Presented by: Eric Frazier

Title: Structural Investigation of SARS-CoV2 NSP13 Helicase to Validate Protein/Drug Interactions

Best Overall

Presented by: Nation Modtland-Hughes, Aisha Bashir, Miski Ahmed, Cynthia Obi, Kaitlyn Komoszewski, Chloe Morin 

Title: A Comparison of Total Bacterial Counts in The Village Community Gardens