UMR Student Wins University of Minnesota Student Impact Award

Authored By: vcarroll 05/04/2022

Kara Nyhus portraitThe University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment and the Office of Sustainability awarded UMR student Kara Nyhus a Student Impact Award. The Student Impact Awards honor students’ efforts to lead the way toward a future in which people and the environment prosper together. Nyhus is originally from Wausau, Wisconsin and is currently pursuing a degree in health sciences. 

Senior Lecturer and Student Based Faculty of Public Health Jessie Barnett-Schimek nominated Kara based on her exemplary leadership in EcoliteracySCHOOL and her involvement in equity-based work. 

“I am very humbled that I was considered for this Student Impact Award because I strive to use my talents and hard work to make a change for others, both in their work and in their own lives. I am grateful to know that my efforts have had an impact interpersonally and academically, which I hope to continue moving forward,” says Kara. 

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